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Edgar Allan Poe street art

Art and Seeking is about rewiring how you interact with art, about connecting to your surroundings in a meaningful way and discovering work outside the elitist walls of the museum. We’ll introduce you to art that’s scrawled guerilla-style on walls; art that’s assertively installed in your favorite park or secretly tucked away in a drainpipe; art that’s free to love and art that’s so much a part of the fabric of your every day that you probably haven’t noticed it. Furthermore, we’ll introduce you to the artists behind this dynamic work, offering unique content and access to these often renegade creatives.




About Lizy

Lizy is a professor of Art History at UCLAx and Santa Monica College specializing in contemporary art and urban practice. She’s a passionate advocate of street art and its makers and is committed to creating a comprehensive digital archive of this otherwise ephemeral practice. Lizy has previously taught at Mercy College in the Bronx and the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and has worked on special projects at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and Christie’s Auctions.

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