Exploring a Street Art Walking Tour in West Hollywood

With Santa Monica Boulevard, confident and colorful; the Sunset Strip, edgy and enticing; and Robertson Boulevard, savvy and chic, the city of West Hollywood is filled with diversity and decadence. Somewhat less known is the fact that West Hollywood is the most walkable city in California and that its streets are home to some of Los Angeles’ most significant outdoor art—both legal works and renegade. Read the article

The streets of LA are alive with public art

Private murals and public installations are turning the outdoors into a gallery. What’s behind the explosion of public art? Read the article


L.A. Streetwalkers: Female Artists Telling Stories on the Streets

Since the beginning of the 20th century, artists have treated the streets as their canvas and political platform. For instance, in 1917 during the Russian Revolution, members of the Russian avant-garde relied on cutting edge posters to inspire, gather and activate the new, working citizen. Read the article

CVLUX Magazine: Unexpected Treasures


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