Hidden L.A. Street Art Tour With Art and Seeking Founder Lizy Dastin

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Explore the Los Angeles Art Scene with these 10 First Date Ideas

In search of beauty? Look no further than downtown’s art murals. Though you might pass these amazing images from time to time, a closer look is well worth your time. Art and Seeking offers interactive, informative guides. Its owner, Lizy Dastin, is a teacher and art historian with  a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her goal with Art and Seeking is to introduce people to new forms of art in new environments, thereby changing their perspectives. Artists, culture nerds, and history buffs will all enjoy these tours.
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Meet Lizy Dastin of Art and Seeking in West LA

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lizy Dastin.
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Lizy Dastin on Street Art, Teaching and Career Change

In this episode of the Just Go Grind Podcast we discuss how to make a career change, the best places to find street art in Los Angeles, the highs and lows of teaching, and much more!
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Art and Seeking Within the World of Street Art

Lizy Dastin is the owner and founder of Art and Seeking, a platform that bridges the gap between the mainstream art world to the unorthodox world of street art. Lizy shares how her idea for Art and Seeking came about during a low point in her life, why her business evolved its services from art-focused walking tours into a free digital archive of street art for the public and managerial support for artists, and what her craziest experiences have been while interviewing street artists. Learn more about Lizy on the Art and Seeking website and Instagram, her podcast “Art Attack with Lizy Dastin and Justin BUA” or by emailing her at
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The Streets of L.A. are Alive with Public Art

We’ve been hearing two things about Los Angeles in recent years. It’s fast-becoming an art capital. And it’s embracing public space, with new parks, public transit, a reclaimed river and more. But are the two connected? Because if you drive, walk or take the train right now you will see a lot of art.
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Los Angeles: An Alternative Art Tour

Going on a tour with Lizy Dastin, whether in-person or by iPhone, (pre-recorded audio tours are available on her website) is part city walking tour, part art history seminar. As she guides you through the streets, Dastin sprinkles in colorful anecdotes about the work or the artist with her own insightful analysis, putting the artwork into context historically, critically and environmentally. Read the article

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Sidewalk Scholar

Sleek met Lizy Dastin an art history professor at UCLA and founder of Art and Seeking to discuss the history of creativity in LA and the city’s emerging artists, galleries and art neighbourhoods. Read the article

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Making LA’s World Class Urban Art Accessible to the Masses

L.A. is a particularly appropriate host of these tours since the city has been a home to some of the most significant street art since Mexican muralist Siqueiros unveiled his controversial America Tropical on Olvera Street that was soon destroyed by the government. Since then, influential figures, including: Judith Baca, Shepard Fairey, Mr. Brainwash, RISK and Banksy himself have used its streets as their canvas. Unfortunately, most Angelenos and visitors are missing out on this world-class art scene because we don’t know where to look or are speeding right by it on the freeway. Read the article


Art and Seeking was recently profiled in West Hollywood Lifestyle magazine.  Here is a copy of the article:



Do a walking tour of LA’s sick street art

Art and Seeking is the best way to see, learn about, and appreciate LA’s extensive (and sometimes hidden) street art scene. There are five guided or downloadable audio (for the budget-conscious) tours available in Hollywood, DTLA, Abbot Kinney, Beverly Hills, and WeHo. Read the article


In Los Angeles, a Street-Smart Art Tour

Each tour focuses on a single neighborhood with a high density of quality work that can be seen on foot in less than an hour, she said, including areas in downtown, Beverly Hills and Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice. She introduces participants to works both by established street artists, such as Hueman and Shepard Fairey, and up-and-comers like Paige Smith, antigirl and Morley.  Read the article


Take Your Beau on a Guided Tour of L.A.’s Street Art This Valentine’s Day

Our next stop is at the corner of Traction and E. Third, where a Lichtenstein-inspired mural by Tristan Eaton stands out. The image, primarily composed of a close-up of a woman’s face, also contains the phrase, “I was a Botox junkie.” Dastin emphasizes the social context of the piece, as well as discussing Eaton’s relevance as an artist, and his methods. One of the most compelling aspects of Dastin’s tour is her background knowledge of each piece: she has attempted to track down and interview as many of the individual artists as possible—an impressive achievement, given the evanescent nature of street art. She offers a behind-the-scenes perspective on many of the pieces, talking about the context in which they have been created, and explaining how the artworks are affected by the controversial citywide moratorium on murals.

Read the complete review here


Social Media Fueling Rise of Selfie Art

Lizy Dastin, who teaches art history at Chapman University and Santa Monica College, has created a way to intertwine the social media experience with learning about art through guided tours around Los Angeles.   Read the article


Things to Do in Los Angeles: Los Angeles Arts District

It is the murals, street art, maker co-ops and influx of trendy eating establishments that have made the Arts District a “thing.”

Art and Seeking offers private guided tours or a downloadable audio tour of the street art of the Downtown LA Arts District conducted by art professor Lizy Dastin. Read the article


LA’s Street Tours

Los Angelenos, tired of staring at the same paintings in LACMA? Or shopping at The Grove? Honestly, it’s mostly just filled with tourists anyway waiting in the never-ending line at Sprinkles Cupcakes. Then try experiencing LA in a new way by going on one of Art and Seeking’s curated street art tours.

The hustle and bustle of Downtown LA leaves little time to deviate from the well-worn path of Starbucks, to work and the return trip home. Yet it is exactly on these paths that Los Angelenos can experience the very essence of urban LA. Read the article

Acceso Total – Art and Seeking

Art and Seeking was highlighted recently on T 52 Telemundo Los Angeles.

Art and Seeking Announces Partnership With LA Street Art Gallery

Art and Seeking (A&S) announced today its partnership with the LA Street Art Gallery (LASAG). Both companies share a passion for street art and sharing the art with the public. LA Street Art Gallery is working on creating maps for street art tours that would be guided by Lizy Dastin, the founder of Art and Seeking. Read the article

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Los Angeles Street Art

If you want to discover some street art around LA, then take a tour with Art and Seeking. Lizy Dastin, an art history professor and street art documentarian, created Art and Seeking to teach people about street art and show them the hidden gems around the city.

Read the article


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